Bursa Province

Bursa is a Turkish province in the west of Asia Minor on the coast of the Marmara Sea, 100 km south of Istanbul. It is named after the eponymous provincial capital of Bursa in their midst, which is 1.9 million, the fourth largest city of Turkey.

The province has 11,087 km ² and 2,605,495 inhabitants, who live to two -thirds in the capital area. Overall, it is one of the more densely populated regions of Turkey. In its green landscape ( Yesil Bursa, German Green Bursa called ) are some healing sulfur springs. Right through the middle runs the Uludağ Mountains, which formerly had the name Olympos.


The Bursa province is divided into 17 counties. The counties are:


In ancient times the region was called Bithynia. This kingdom and its three largest cities (eg Brusa ) were probably founded by King Prusias I..

With the spread of the Roman Empire began King Nicomedes IV, the area piecemeal over to the Romans. At that time and in the time of early Christianity Bursa Prusa ad Olympos was called.

For the Byzantines, the area was the center of a large administrative region ( topic), which ranged from the current areas of Izmit, Istanbul and Bilecik to Ereğli on the Black Sea.

The Ottomans conquered Bursa around 1326 by the later Sultan Orhan I and had in today's provincial capital their residence until it was moved to Edirne in 1368 and later in the Istanbul 90 km north location ( Konstantin Opel ). Major attractions are the tombs of the sultans Mehmed I, Osman I and Orhan I, the Yesil Turbe and three 1380-1420 built magnificent mosques.

The oldest building is the Ayasofya Basilica (Hagia Sophia ) from the 4th century in the nearby Iznik. Here, the seventh ecumenical council was held. Orhan built it into a mosque, which has since fallen into disrepair. Nevertheless, their frescoes, inscriptions and mosaics as well as the stage apse are remarkable.


Since 21 October 2010 a partnership between Bursa and the German state of Hesse. The second part of the partnership agreement was signed in Wiesbaden on 24 January 2011.


Today the province of Bursa is dominated by fruits, and of the auto and textile industries. The mountain Uludağ is with its 2542 meters, the main center of the Turkish winter sports.

Famous people

  • Ayhan Akman ( born 1977 ), football player
  • Celal Bayar, Former President

Pictures of Bursa Province