Burton (car)

The Burton is a Dutch sports car whose mechanics comes from the French Citroën 2CV. The Burton is an open, classic -looking sports car on the chassis of the " duck " with a modern body of fiberglass. The car is built as an open two-seater coupé with gullwing doors, or with a manufactured according to customer's roof. Since the beginning of 2002, the Burton is sold throughout Europe.

In late 1998, Iwan and Dimitri Goebel had started with the design of Burton, whom she then "Hunter" called. They were inspired by famous sports cars, such as Bugatti, Jaguar, Talbot -Lago, Delahaye or Alfa Romeo, inspired. After 18 months, the prototype was ready, and on 9 February 2000, the first body was removed from the mold. In May 2000, the Burton Dutch clientele was presented.

Burton Lomax also imports and distributes automobiles.