Burton Y. Berry

Burton Yost Berry ( known as Burton Y. Berry, born August 31, 1901 in Fowler, Benton County, Indiana; † August 22, 1985 in Zurich, Switzerland ) was an American diplomat and art collector.

After graduating from his native Indiana University in Bloomington and in Paris in 1928, he joined the diplomatic service of the United States a. His career led him, inter alia, as Vice-Consul to Istanbul in 1929 and 1931, Consul to Athens in 1938, Istanbul 1943, Bucharest 1944, Director of the State Department 's Office of African, South Asian and Near East Affairs in 1947 to Washington DC; Budapest 1948, and as ambassador to Iraq 1952 until 1954. Afterwards, he retired and lived in Istanbul, Beirut, Cairo and finally to Switzerland.

He began early in the Middle East to collect, first textiles, a collection which he the Art Institute of Chicago gave, then above all coins (now mostly as a gift to the American Numismatic Society in New York), gems, jewelry and other small antique art, these parts are now as a gift in the Indiana University Art Museum.


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