Buryn (Ukrainian Буринь; Russian Бурынь / Buryn ) is a city in northern Ukraine in Sumy Oblast. The town has 9,500 inhabitants (2013 ) and is the administrative center of the homonymous Rajons.


Buryn lies on the River Tschascha (Ukrainian Чаша ), a 31 km long tributary of the River Seim 86 km northwest of the Oblastzentrum Sumy and 23 km south of Putywl, in which is also the nearest railway station. Located in the North of the Raion Municipality consists only of the city itself Buryn


The first written mention of the city can be found in the "List of Russian cities near and far " between 1387 - 1392, and at the end of the 15th century, the modern name is already in use. The village was occupied on 16 September 1941 by troops of the Wehrmacht and freed on September 6, 1943 by units of the Red Army. Since 1964 Buryn has the status of a city. In 1992, the city celebrated the 600 th anniversary of the founding.


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The out of Buryn managed Rajon Buryn located in the center of the Oblast Sumy. It has an area of 1,100 km ² and a population of about 27,100 inhabitants. The population density is 25 inhabitants of Rajons per km ².