The municipality is located in the district of Gießen Buseck east of the University of Giessen in Hesse.

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Neighboring communities

Buseck is bordered to the north by the cities Staufenberg and Allendorf ( Lumda ), to the east by the municipalities Rabenau (Hessen) and rice churches, in the south on the community of remote forest and to the west by the city of Giessen.

The administrative center is the Busecker Castle in Great -Buseck. The romantic castle chapel is often used by non - Buseckern as a place for marriage.


Buseck is connected in a three-way partnership with the places Molln in Upper Austria and Tát in Hungary.


The community Buseck created in the course of municipal reform in Hesse on 1 January 1977 from the merger by law the previously independent municipalities Alten-Buseck, Beuern and Great -Buseck. Already on October 1, 1971, the municipalities Trohe and Oppenrod were incorporated on a voluntary basis in the community Great -Buseck.

The municipality Buseck following districts include:

The Busecker districts ( with the exception of Trohe ) belonged to Busecker Valley, an emerging in the mid-14th century imperial immediacy area whose administrative center was Great -Buseck. Maintained it was in Ganerbschaft of the families von Buseck and v. Trohe. The castle dates back to a founding family v. Trohe. For the first time the castle is mentioned in 1458 in a Lehnsbrief.


Coat of arms

Blazon: " Split of gold (yellow) and black with a goat horns in reversed colors, coming forth from one of black and silver ( white) split, decreased incurved tip, covered with a three-leaf clover in reversed colors. "

The various lines of the family von Buseck resulted in a ram's head crest, while the shamrock for the families of Trohe and Nordeck to Rabenau stands.

Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Mayor Erhard pure linen ( FWG ) was re-elected on 27 September 2009 at the first ballot with 69.9 % of votes. The turnout was 76.3 %

Culture and sights

Cultural monuments in Buseck

See list of cultural monuments in Buseck


In Buseck numerous Protestant and Catholic Christians live. In Great -Buseck the parish of St. Mary is home, which is the house of God available to all Catholics in the communities Buseck, rice churches, remote forest and Allendorf ( Lumda ). Both in Oppenrod, as well as in Trohe there are Apostolic Church communities.

Sons and daughters of the community

  • Jürgen Kraft (1951-2002), cyclist


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