Business day

A working day is a day on which the work without any special restrictions permitted by law. In contrast, a working day is a day that is actually worked at that.

Usually the days from Monday to Saturday inclusive business days, though only Monday are work days in most occupations in the industry and craft until Friday. In some industries, for example in trade, transport or hospitality industry but are quite Saturdays or Sundays and working days.

The definition of working day affects the law on shop closing and opening times, payment transactions, parking regulations, truck driving restrictions, permitted noise emissions and the like, as well as to allowable school days - ie days on which lessons can take place.

Situation in Germany


According to § 3 paragraph 2 of the Federal Holiday Act ( BUrlG ) are considered as working day "means all calendar days, not on Sundays or public holidays. "

This also includes one that does not fall on a legal holiday Saturday to working days. That is, for example, as considered in the schedule of public transport. As the Federal Leave Act was passed in 1963, which today typical work week of five working days was not yet common.

A working day means any day that is actually worked at that. According to current understanding are usually thus all working days except Saturdays working days. A clear definition is, however, depending on the case. Thus, with appropriate arrangements can be worked on a Sunday or a public holiday, is so to speak, in this case here of a working day, although this is not business day. The terms working and working day are therefore keen to be kept separate, as it can otherwise lead to errors such as the Working Time calculation or the calculation holiday.

The number of working days per year is in Germany for 2012, depending on the province, between 248 and 253

In employment contracts, there is often when specifying the vacation entitlement confusion in the use of the terms working and working day. The following clarification: According to § 3 para 1 Federal Holidays Act, the statutory minimum holiday entitlement is 24 working days. The statutory minimum leave is, however, based on a 6 -day week. In another distribution of weekly working time of the claim has to be converted in the rule of three. In the case of a 5 -day week of statutory leave entitlement, therefore, is the equivalent of 24 ÷ 6 × 5 = 20 working days. So in all cases correspond to four working weeks.


Saturday is not a working day in rental payments. This was decided in Karlsruhe in a landmark judgment of the Bundesgerichtshof ( BGH).

Traffic law

Is on a traffic sign of " weekdays" are mentioned, it is Saturday included if it does not fall on a legal holiday. Otherwise, an additional sign, such as " Mo. - Ms. " is used.

Civil law

In civil law, the next business day is in the calculation of Termination will be held Sunday, public holiday or Saturday then legally faked ( § 193 BGB). So the last day of a period is a said day, the next following business day is defined as the period end.