Buster Cooper

George "Buster " Cooper ( born April 4, 1929 in Saint Petersburg, Florida ) is an American jazz trombonist of Swing.


Buster Cooper attended Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg and started playing in local orchestras such as the band of Nat Towles in Texas, in 1950 came to New York City, studied until 1952 at the Hartnett School, 1952-55 played with Lionel Hampton and visited with whose band the end of 1953 Europe. He was then two years in the house band of the Apollo Theater in Harlem, played with Benny Goodman and formed with his brother Steve ( a bass player ) own band, the Cooper Brothers Band. He was 1962-1969 for Ellington band and moved in 1973 to Los Angeles, where he played with local bands. Later, he joined again with Hampton and in recent years with TS Monk. He was also involved in disc recordings on Duke Ellington, the Prestige Blues Swingers, Arnett Cobb, Jack McDuff, and AK Salim. Up until the 2010s, he played regularly in St. Petersburg.

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