Butovskaya Line

The Butowskaja - line or " line L1 " (Russian Бутовская линия ) is the latest line of the Moscow Metro and the first line of the so-called " light metro ". It was commissioned at the end of 2003.


  • Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya ( Улица Старокачаловская? / I ), the transition to the station Bulwar Dmitrija Donskowo line 9
  • Ulitsa Skobelevskaya ( Улица Скобелевская? / I )
  • Bulwar Admirala Ushakov ( Бульвар Адмирала Ушакова? / I )
  • Ulitsa Gorchakova ( Улица Горчакова? / I )
  • Buninskaja Alleja ( Бунинская Аллея? / I )

Up on Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya the stations of the line are above ground; the largest part of the route is a viaduct.


The explicit designation as " light metro " (Russian " лёгкое метро " ) is actually not absolutely necessary; the line is technically fully compatible with all other lines of the Moscow metro network and differs from them only in that it is applied to a lower ridership down. Accordingly, it is traversed with shorter trains than usual, the platforms are shorter and narrower, the stations and the routes are - common in light metro - mostly above ground created a viaduct. Specifically, the Butowskaja line was built to cost-effective to bind the in the 1980s is my finished to Moscow satellite town Butovo to the Moscow metro network, as would be the case with the construction or extension of a conventional metro line. Compared to a similarly discussed extension of the existing line 9 after Butovo also has the construction of a light line the advantage that the passenger flow from Butovo need not necessarily fall on a single line, so this could easily become overloaded. With the currently -driven construction of an extension to Bitzewski Park is also a connection to the line 6 ( station Nowojassenewskaja ) is to be created, whereby the Butowskaja - line to a distribution line for passengers from Butovo and environment.

Depot and vehicles

On the line of the new series 81-740/741 trains, which have been specially developed by the Russian producer Metro Wagon Masch for light metro and newly delivered at the opening of the line. The vehicles will be waiting at the depot Warschawskoje line 9; should in future get a live account the line to its extension to the south.

Expansion plans

About the first phase of construction also, which includes five stations, the line should be in the medium term extended in both directions. By initially planned construction of the turning tracks behind Ulitsa Starokachalovskaya a condensation of the train should be allowed on the line. Around 2015, the important extension to Bitzewski Park cope with the changeover point Kaluschsko - Rischskaja line. For later an extension in a southerly direction is provided with three new stations.

Pictures of Butovskaya Line