Butylated hydroxyanisole

  • 2-tert- butyl -4-hydroxyanisole, and 3- tert-butyl -4-hydroxyanisole ( mixture )
  • BHA
  • E320
  • 25013-16-5 ( mixture of isomers )
  • 8003-24-5
  • 9009-68-1

White to pale yellow, flammable, light -sensitive solid


48-55 ° C

264-270 ° C

Practically insoluble in water


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Butylated hydroxyanisole ( BHA, E320 ) is a mixture of two structurally isomeric organic chemical compounds from the group of phenol ethers. The mixture is used as the synthetically prepared antioxidant. As a food additive, it prevents rancidity of nuts and similar snack foods and sweets. However, it is also used for the preparation of medicaments and cosmetics. Because of the induction of allergies and organic changes in animal experiments consist health concerns.

Butylhydroxyanisol belongs to the EU-approved food additives and may be used up to a maximum quantity allowed in different food categories. The ingestion of very large amounts resulted in gastrointestinal and liver cancer in mice.