1345 inhabitants per km ²

Buvika is a place in Norway and is part of the municipality Skaun in Sør-Trøndelag. Bivika is located on Gaulosen, a tributary of the Trondheim fjord, about 3.5 km from the mouth of the river Gaula. Buvik is located in the center between the towns Børsa and Leinstrand. The zip code of the town is 7350 Buvika. The village Buvika was the center of the former municipality Buvik and where the central Buvik kirke ( church Bukolik ) is.

Together with the place Ilhaugen it forms the Tettsted ( village ) Buvika / Ilhaugen. The largest residential areas of Buvika are Ilhaugen, Brekka Lereggen and Havenget.

Buvika has seen a large population growth lately. Through the European route E39, the place has a good infrastructure, which increases the influx in the place itself and the municipality Skaun. From the advantage for Buvika Also the close proximity to Trondheim turns with about 22 km away. The Tettsted Buvika / Ilhaugen has few own jobs. Many residents commute by due also to jobs in the surrounding towns.

Until January 1, 1965 Buvika was a part of community Buvik.

In the company Piene Mill in Buvika was 1913-1914 a hard labor dispute with a larger strike in which the union leader Marius Følstad was shot by the strikebreakers Alf Egset. The incident was later the basis for the dramatic theater and music piece Skottet i Buvika ( Shot in Buvika ) of Idar Lind (text) and Knut Anders Vestad (music ), which premiered on May 1, 2008 at Trøndelag Teater in Trondheim.


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