BVP M-80

Croatian BVP M -80A

The BVP M -80 is an all-terrain, chain driven, amphibious Yugoslav IFV with NBC protection.


The M- 80 is often referred to as a Yugoslav copy of the Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP - 1, but the M -80 has five pairs of rollers, the BMP - 1, six pairs of rollers.

End of the 1970s, a successor to the obsolete armored transport M-60 was demanded by the Yugoslav armed forces. Negotiations with the French operation Hispano -Suiza, which developed the AMX -10P armored personnel carrier at the same time, led to collaborations. For this reason, the AMX -10P and M- 80 look similar, that the M -80 in turn possessed except for the fact only about five pairs of rollers. The improved version of M -80A was equipped with a new and more powerful engine. The latest version of M- 80A1, has a 30 - mm machine gun by Hispano -Suiza.


  • M- 80: Original production version
  • M -80A: improved engine features compared to the M -80
  • M- 80A1: Armoured Scout Car prototype
  • M -80A KC: company command version with improved communication equipment
  • M -80A KB: battalion command version
  • VK -80A: Brigade Command version, armed only with a machine gun
  • M -80A LT: anti-tank version with guided-missile ramps 9M14 Maljutka
  • Sava M -90: anti-aircraft missile tanks, similar to the SA -13 Gopher (prototype)
  • M -80A Sn armored ambulance
  • MOS: minelayer
  • M -98 Vidra: modernized prototype (Serbia )
  • 9P133 Polo: modernized prototype (Croatia )