BVSC Budapest

The Budapesti VSC ( Vasutas Sports Club, German Railway Sports Club ), often just called short BVSC, was a Hungarian sports club from the capital Budapest. The club, established in 1911 was abolished in 2001. Of significance were the BVSC among other things, Table Tennis, Wrestling Hockey and football department.

The table tennis team won the BVSC example, the European Club Cup ( European Cup ) of the 1979/80 season as well as numerous national championships.

Name Changes

Like virtually all other Hungarian sports clubs also passed through the BVSC numerous name changes. Below is a list of the names under which the club changed its name since its inception:


With the rise of the football team of BVSC, which fought out their home games at Szőnyi úti stadium, in the first division, the Nemzeti National Championship I. for the 1991/92 season began for the club a small golden era culminating in 1996 was when the club was runner- and also could deny the two cup finals. In the first game of the BVSC won against Kispest Honvéd Budapest 1-0, but lost the return leg 0-2.

In the subsequent UEFA Cup campaign, the railwaymen had no luck against the Welsh representatives Barrytown. Both teams won their matches 3-1 on penalties in the British retained 4-2 win the upper hand. But the BVSC has again succeeded in the finals of the national cup competition, where this time but MTK Hungaria 6-0 and 2-0 his national supremacy that season clearly demonstrated.

Since the MTK champion was at the same time was able to participate in the UEFA Cup the BVSC again. In the preliminary round, the Budapest reussierten nor against Liechtenstein 's FC Balzers, but then lost in the first round both games against Real Betis Seville 0-2.

At the end of the following season, the BVSC again dismounted from the Premier League and in 2001 was dissolved only two years later.

Successes and league placings of the football team

  • Hungarian Championship: runner-up 1996
  • Hungarian Cup: Finalist 1996, 1997

Known player

  • Pál Dárdai
  • Mihály Lantos
  • Zoltán Végh
  • Mihail Zemļinskis

Other well-known athletes

  • Gábor Gergely, world champion in table tennis
  • Ferenc Kiss, Ringer, Ringer coach at BVSC
  • Football club from Budapest
  • Hungarian Ice Hockey Club