Byala, Ruse Province

Byala [ bjaɫɐ ] ( Bulg Бяла ) is a city in North Bulgaria. It is located in the oblast is Russian and seat of the municipality of Byala.


Geographical Location

Byala is close to Borowo. The city is located in the central part of the Danube plain. 294 km south of the town is the capital of Sofia.


Byala was first documented in 1618, but was probably already 1596th 1871, the town is mentioned as a craft center. The Russian Tsar Alexander II had in the Russo- Turkish War of Liberation from July 29 to August 13, 1877 his headquarters in Byala. 1891 was the place the municipal law.

Culture and sights

  • Military Historical Museum of the liberation struggle of 1877
  • Bjalabrücke (also Belenski Bridge ) over the River Yantra, built 1865-1867 by Kolju Ficheto on behalf of Midhat Pasha
  • Of the 15 m high, built in 1872, the clock tower in the center of Byala


  • Bus, 5 km outside the city railway station located
  • Bus to Ruse, Veliko Tarnovo, Svishtov, Popowo