Bylica, West Pomeranian Voivodeship

Bylica ( German Schoenberg ) is a village in the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship and is part of the rural community Postomino ( Pustamin ) in a circle Sławno ( Schlawe ).

Geographical location

Bylica is a small farming village, 16 kilometers north of the county town Sławno, 12 kilometers northeast of Darlowo ( Rügenwalde) and 4 km düslich the Baltic coast. It is on a side street, the Wszedzień ( Scheddin ) with Naćmierz ( Natzmershagen ) connects and can the province road 203 in the branch Karsino ( Karzin ) can be achieved. The nearest train station is Darłowo.

Bylica is located at about 10 meters above sea level. to a sink, which flows through the southern part of the former so-called Bülsbach. The moraines - ridges, on which lie the neighboring communities, rising in the south up to 66 meters in the north to 23 meters above sea level. of. Is bounded Bylica of the places: Barzowice ( Barzwitz ) and Rusinowo ( Rützenhagen ) to the west, Naćmierz ( Natzmershagen ) in the north, Wszedzień ( Scheddin ) in the east, and Dzierżęcin ( Dörsenthin ) in the south.


Since the establishment of the Office Rügenwalder Schoenberg is one of them. 1559, it is named because of its benefits for the maintenance of Rügenwalder Vikarie. 1682 is with Rützenhagen (now Polish: Rusinowo ) a border treaty concluded in 1780 and are called in the village: 1 free Schulze, 5 farmers, shepherds and 1 2 Büdner skating.

1818 were reported in Schönberg 60 inhabitants. Their number increased to 1885 to 125 in 1939 and was still 119 Before 1945, the village belonged to the Official New Hagen ( Jezierzany ) to the registry office Natzmershagen ( Naćmierz ) and the district court Rügenwalde ( Darłowo ) in the district Schlawe i Pom. in the district of the Prussian province of Pomerania Pomerania.

On March 8, 1945 Russian troops occupied the village. The farms were transferred to Polish hands. The expulsion of the German population was at Christmas 1945. Schoenberg was designated Bylica and is now a part of Gmina Postomino in powiat Slawienski in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship ( to 1998 Voivodeship Stolp, whose western boundary and the western boundary of the district Bylica was then).


The population of Schoenberg was before 1945 consistently Protestant. The village belonged to the parish Rützenhagen ( Rusinowo ) in the parish of Rügenwalde ( Darłowo ) in the ecclesiastical province of the Church of the Old Prussian Pomerania Union. Last German minister was Pastor Francis Birch, who was of Barzwitz from the representation service.

Since 1945, the population of Bylica is mostly Catholic. The village belongs continue after Rusinowo, this place is not an independent parish, but filial church to the parish Łącko ( Lanzig ). It belongs to the deanery Ustka ( Stolpmünde ) in the Diocese of Koszalin - Kolobrzeg of the Catholic Church in Poland. Protestant inhabitants of Bylica are assigned to the parish Koszalin ( Koszalin ) in the Diocese of Pomerania - Greater Poland the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.


In Schoenberg was until 1940 an elementary school, which then - was closed - for lack of children. School catchment area was then Natzmershagen.