BYO stands for Bring Your Own ( German: "Bring your own ... with "). It is often more appropriate in Australian, British or New Zealand Restaurants Note that in selbigem Local Alcohol is not served and therefore this can be brought. Licenses for serving alcohol are difficult for restaurants to get into Australia. Against the payment of a Corkage Fee ( corkage, in Australia about 3 to 5 OFF dollars) you get glasses and brought the bottle is served. Many restaurants in the Note with the addition of wine only is provided. The opposite is called Fully licensed, that is equipped with a concession for beverage and alcohol.

Food to bring along is not desirable for obvious reasons, although the abbreviation explicitly excludes. "Bring your own food " - Should the food be brought to the most private occasions, the term BYOF ( Bring Your Own Food) will be used.

Occasionally, the term is also used in Europe to move guests to participate in work and cost a party. In German circles, it is often unknown if it is not to students or communities.

Also use the term place in the field of paintball sports, where it is used for fields that can be played on them with your own paintballs. Here the opposite is FPO (Field Paint Only).

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