Byron Black

Byron Black (born 6 October 1969 in Harare ) is a former Zimbabwean tennis players. The doubles specialist won 22 tournaments in his career and was also active in the Davis Cup for his country.

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Black denied in 1991 his first tournament as a professional player. His greatest successes as a single player, he celebrated at the 1995 U.S. Open and 2000 the tournament of Wimbledon when he penetrated each up in the quarter-finals. In April 1996, it reached number 22 with the highest world ranking position of his career.

Far more successful was Black as double players. In February 1994, the ATP led him as the No. 1 doubles world ranking. In the same year he won the French Open with Jonathan Stark. In three other Grand Slam tournaments Black moved into the final of the Men's doubles: 1994 and 2001 at the Australian Open and 1996 Wimbledon.

Black ended in late 2002 his active career. In total he won in his career prize money of 5,159,775 U.S. dollars.