Byzantine (disambiguation)

Byzantium referred

  • Byzantium, a Greek city from 660 BC, and later Roman
  • Konstantin Opel, the 330 AD renamed Byzantium, capital of the Eastern Empire (now Istanbul)
  • Byzantine Empire ( Eastern Roman Empire ), an empire in the eastern Mediterranean
  • Byzantium on the Danube, a household word among archaeologists

Byzantine refers to

  • Byzantine art, the neat in the Byzantine Empire Art
  • Byzantine architecture, which spread in the Byzantine Empire architecture
  • Byzantine historiography, which maintained the Byzantine Empire historiography
  • Byzantine law, the law in force in the Byzantine Empire
  • Byzantine currency, the currency in force in the Byzantine Empire
  • The medieval Greek language used in the Byzantine, Greek language means see
  • Byzantine period (Egypt), the portion of the history of Egypt, as it was part of the Byzantine Empire
  • Byzantine rite, a liturgical rite of the Eastern Church
  • Elaborate rituals that are supposed to represent differences in rank, see Byzantinism
  • Byzantine fault, a fault type in the computer science

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