C-4 (explosive)

C4 (English: CompositeCompound 4) is a very effective and frequently used military plastic explosive.


C4 is one of the moldable explosives. Due to its chemical composition, it is difficult to detect by conventional explosives detection equipment.

The storage of C4 is relatively safe, as it is safe to use. Neither fire, electricity, nor shocks ( even with a hammer ) give rise to an explosion. However, the effect of pressure combined with heat cause an explosion quite.


C4 is 91% RDX, 5.3% bis (2- ethylhexyl) sebacate (DOS), 2.1% polyisobutylene, and 1.6% mineral oil. To complicate the abuse of C4, the explosives are attached for some time in the manufacture strong-smelling substances with which it can be easier to detect explosives detection dogs. For better visibility in X-ray equipment, or to find him with metal detectors, metal dust is incorporated.


The RDX is slurried with water. Then the polyisobutene is achieved with the DOS in a suitable solvent (methylene chloride or chloroform) and blended with the hexogen. The solvent is distilled off and the product may be used.