C (disambiguation)

C is:

  • C, as a small letter c, the third letter of the Latin alphabet
  • С, as a lower-case letter с, a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet

The name of:

  • C, a programming language

C as a counter variable or unit is

  • Coulomb, the SI unit for amount of charge
  • The Roman numeral for the value 100
  • The decimal value 12 in a place value system with a base greater than 10

C is the symbol for

  • Electric capacity
  • Heat capacity
  • In mathematics continuous functions or function spaces of continuous functions, see Continuity # function spaces of continuous functions
  • Cahen 's constant C = 0.64341 ...
  • C- factor, the capacitance -based charging or discharging current of a rechargeable battery, see capacity ( electrical cell) # C - factor
  • For consumer spending in the economic theory, see Consuming

C is abbreviation or identifying mark

  • For Cuba, see Nationality characters
  • Followed by a digit ( C4, C5, etc. ) for a DIN format paper size, refer to Paper Size
  • For a size of batteries ( " C-cells "), see Battery ( Electronics )
  • In the music key of C major
  • In hockey for the captain (English captain )
  • For the chemical element carbon ( Latin Carboneum )
  • In biology, the official abbreviation of author Georges Cuvier
  • In linguistics for the syntactic category of the complementer, see complementizer
  • In Latin texts of the Roman name Gaius
  • For Codex Ephraemi, in textual criticism of the Bible

In the transport sector:

  • As Einflaggensignal on a watercraft for " Yes ", see Flag Alphabet
  • For a license class in the EU, see driving license ( EU law)
  • For a license plate class of aircraft, see aerial vehicle registration
  • Followed by a number for a transport aircraft (english Cargo), see designation system for aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • As the first letter in the ICAO code for Canada
  • For airspace class, see airspace

On license plate:

  • Bulgaria: City of Sofia
  • Germany: county-level city of Chemnitz
  • UK: Wales
  • Ireland: County Cork / Cork
  • Kyrgyzstan: area Tschüi
  • Croatia: Consular Corps ( yellow text on bright blue background)
  • Moldova: Chisinau city
  • Montenegro: Consular Corps
  • Poland: Voivodeship Kujawy
  • Portugal: Coimbra District (only for truck trailer)
  • Spain: Mopeds in the province of A Coruña ( discontinued)
  • Czech Republic: South Bohemia,, South Bohemian Region

C as a counter variable or unit is

  • Centi -, SI prefix for one hundredth (10-2, Latin centum )
  • Next ct. and ¢ in different countries one hundredth of a monetary unit, see Cent ( currency)

C is the symbol for

  • Speed of light
  • Speed of sound
  • Specific heat capacity
  • Molar concentration

C is abbreviation or identifier

  • For pitch based on the standard pitch. To distinguish strokes or high digits are possible, see frequencies of the equal temperament tuning
  • The key of C minor
  • For the charm quark, see Quark (Physics)
  • In the International Phonetic Alphabet of the voiceless palatal plosive
  • ©, see copyright notice
  • For degrees Celsius, unit of measurement for temperature
  • Or for the complementary quantity of, see Complement ( set theory )
  • For the set of complex numbers, see Complex number
  • For the cardinality of the continuum, see continuum (mathematics)
  • For the outdated angular Neuminute, see Gon
  • And as older spellings for the 4/4- and for the 2/2-Takt, see Signature
  • Ç, ç, issues, c, c, c, c, c, c ċ, Č č, Ƈ ƈ, ɔ, ɕ, ʗ


  • ¢ for Cent, see Cent ( currency)
  • ₵ for Cedi, the unit of currency in Ghana
  • ₡ Colón, units of currency in Costa Rica ( see Costa Rican Colon ) and formerly in El Salvador ( see Salvadoran Colón )
  • C $ for Cordoba Oro, the unit of currency in Nicaragua
  • Type C
  • Series C
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