C-flat major

C flat major is a major key of Tongeschlechts, based on the root Ces. The key of C flat major is written in standard notation with seven ♭ (b, it, as, the, total, ces, fes ). The corresponding scale and the basic chord in this key ( the tonic ces - it - ges) are designated by the term C flat major.

Due to the seven signs (one could Cb major - enharmonically reinterpreted - simple pose with B major ) this key is rarely used.

Instruments in Ces

In marching bands valveless Flutes are used in soprano and tenor in Ces ( " drum pipes" ). In addition to the concert flute in Ces here always obtains the concert flute C major importance.

The double -action pedal harp is tuned in Ces. Since each string can be retuned twice through the pedal mechanism, so each key can be played. In addition, the harp in keys with many ♭ - sign sounds better, some composers use this effect and record pieces in C flat major place in B major (eg Claude Debussy: Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp ).