C-sharp major

C sharp major is a key of Tongeschlechts Major, which builds on the root cis. The key of C sharp major is written in standard notation with seven crosses ( fis, cis, gis, dis, ais, ice, his). The corresponding scale and the basic chord in this key ( the tonic cis- cis- gis), are referred to with the term sharp major.

C sharp major is often described as soft, light and bright, see however the product key character.


Works in C # major are relatively rare in the literature. More often, the enharmonic identical D-flat major is used because it (as opposed to C-sharp major ) has only 5 sign and thus in the circle of fifths.

Best known are Johann Sebastian Bach's preludes and fugues from the Well-Tempered Piano, especially the prelude of the first part. Even if a plant in C major starts and is transposed in the course of one semitone (often through a so-called skidding ), the transposed part should be listed rather in C sharp major as in D flat major.

Classification of the key