C. B. Macpherson

Crawford Brough Macpherson ( born November 18, 1911 † 22 July 1987) was a Canadian political scientist at the University of Toronto.

Macpherson was known especially for his Marxist-inspired interpretation of liberalism and particularly of the works of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Other important works he wrote for democratic theory.

Macpherson graduated in 1933 successfully graduated from the University of Toronto and earned a M.Sc. 1933-1935 at the London School of Economics. He has taught in Toronto in 1935, where in 1955 he became Professor of Political Economy. He often taught as a guest professor at English universities. From 1956 he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he was also a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge.

According to him, the C. B. Macpherson Prize by the Canadian Political Science Association is named, which is awarded every two years to the best Canadian author of a book on political theory.


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