C. Ramchandra

C. Ramchandra (real name: Ramchandra Narhar Chitalkar; Marathi: .. रामचंद्र नरहर चितळकर, Ramacandra Narahar Citaḷakar; सी रामचंद्र, Si Ramacandra; born January 12, 1918 in Puntamba, Bombay; † January 5, 1982 in Bombay, Maharashtra ) was an Indian film composer, singer and actor. As a composer, he mostly used the name C. Ramchandra, but also Annasaheb and Ram Chitalkar; as a singer and actor, he appeared under the name RN Chitalkar.


Ramchandra was born the son of a railway worker in the village Punatambe. He studied music and performed alongside as a film actor. His first role in 1935 in YV Rao's Naganand, after which he played small roles in Sohrab Modi's film company Minerva Movietone. He accompanied the composer Bundu Khan and Habib Khan on the harmonium. His first work as a film composer came to Master Bhagwan Tamil films Jayakkodi (1939) and Vanamohini ( 1941). With the films of this director of Sukhi Jeevan (1942 ) to Albela (951) Ramchandra had particular success. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, C. Ramchandra worked for the film company Filmistan and wrote, among other successful songs for PL Santoshi Shehnai (1947 ), Ramesh Saigals Samadhi (1950) and especially Nandlal Jaswantlals Anarkali ( 1953). Worked together closely catching and with the lyricist Rajendra Krishan.

He was one of the instrumentations Western music started to include in their compositions to the first Indian film composer. Under the influence of Jazz Benny Goodman combined Ramchandra alto saxophone with guitar and harmonica. He used bongo, oboe, trumpet and clarinet in its sung by Lata Mangeshkar composition " Shola Jo Bhadke " from the movie Albela. In the duet with Lata Mangeshkar sang his underlaid with rock rhythms title song of the film Shin Shinaki Boobla Boo ( 1952). In the known song " Ina Mina Dika " from the movie Aasha (1957 ), interpreted by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle, he used scat singing and swing.

C. Ramchandra came in 1953 as a producer of three films in appearance. He worked for the Maratha, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Bhojpuri film. After a lull period in the 1960s he made his career as a composer, producer and actor of Maratha film Dhananjay (1966 ) new impetus. He wrote his autobiography in 1977 and finished his work as a film composer for NT Rama Rao's Telugu film Akbar Saleem Anarkali (1978 ), with whom he once made ​​reference to his 25 years recent works, the film Anarkali.

1956 and 1958 C. Ramchandra was nominated for a Filmfare Best Music Award category. He died of a stomach ulcer on 5 January 1982 at the Breach Candy Hospital in Bombay.