Cabernet Cortis

Intersection of Cabernet Sauvignon x Solaris

Cabernet Cortis is a 1982 newly grown fungus-resistant red variety. Cabernet Cortis was at the State Institute of Viticulture Freiburg crossed by Norbert Becker from Cabernet Sauvignon and Solaris. Officially he is 437-82 in the breeding line FR r. The variety has plant variety protection, the entry in the list of varieties has been requested. Small stocks are known in Switzerland. (2.14 acres, as of 2007, source: Office fédéral de l'agriculture OFAG )

The wine-growing Freiburg operates, inter alia, the breeding of fungus resistant varieties (see also Ecological viticulture ), and makes an application for plant variety protection and plant variety registration in which official part by the Federal Office of Plant Varieties accordance with the provisions of the International Organization for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV, based in Geneva ) the assignment to only those varieties Rebart Vitis vinifera detected and confirmed. Thus the wines appropriate varieties can come within the scope of the provisions of the European market organization as a quality wine on the market.

In addition to Cabernet Cortis were at the State Institute of Viticulture and Freiburg with Cabernet Carbon, Cabernet Carol Baron, Cabernet Cantor, Prior and Monarch more red varieties and with Merzling, Helios, Solaris, Bronner, Souvignier gris and Muscaris other white varieties as breeding successes with in 2008, over 350 acres introduced in the market. The grape is also from St. John of Freiburg.

See also the article viticulture in Germany and the list of grape varieties.

Properties of the Vine

The leaves are medium sized, three-to five-lobed and vigorous green. The grapes are elongate cylindrical. Bud break, flowering and maturing take place beginning about a week earlier than the Pinot Noir. The frost resistance is considered good. The variety takes slightly less good locations such as the Pinot Noir.

Cabernet Cortis is a variety of the noble vine (Vitis vinifera ). It has hermaphrodite flowers and is thus self- fruiting. When the wine-growing economic disadvantage is avoided, no return delivered to have male plants grow.

Characteristics of the wine

The wines are strong, dye- rich and have significant tannins. They have a typical Cabernet Sauvignon character, with generally even more pronounced cassis scent and taste. In the young wine stage, the wines show a lot of spicy notes. Either these notes are well integrated with the maturity of the wines or the expansion is carried out simultaneously with oxygen and wood. The cultivation is still regulated in experimental plots.

Synonyms: breeding number FR 437-82 r

Ethnicity: Cabernet Sauvignon x Solaris from the same crossing the Cabernet Carol emerged.