Cabriolet (carriage)

The cabriolet (from the French cabriolet ) is a light -horse fork carriage, which in contrast to the coach only has two wheels.

When the stagecoach, the front section was called with only one row of seats convertible.

The term then was transferred to the lightweight, open-top vehicles and outdated gradually. Today we call this type of motor vehicle cabriolet.

The reverse development of the notation can be found in the standard works of the German Institute for Standardization ( DIN eV ). In the notation " Cabriolet ", the term was defined in the German standard DIN 70011 of March 1959, and had a zurücklegbares or retractable folding soft top with top and side window seal have. In April 1978, this standard was revised in DIN 70010 was added. The term received the standardized spelling " convertible ", the folding top has been reworded as follows: top folded back ( resting or retractable); the optional presence of roll bars was explicitly mentioned. The Issue The May 1990 formulated a rooftop, fixed or flexible with a minimum of 2 positions: 1 closed 2 open or removed. - The current edition of the standard is derived from March 2001.

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