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Cadaval is a small town ( Vila ) in Portugal.


Finds indicate a prehistoric settlement. The present town was probably built after the Reconquest. King D.fernando gave Cadaval 1371 first town charter, the King D.Manuel in 1513 renewed.

In the first half of the 18th century the Real Fábrica do Gelo (Portuguese for: Royal Ice Factory ) was established, which supplied the royal house with ice.

The county Cadaval 1895 dissolved before it was restored on 13 January 1898. The day is local holiday today.


The circle

Cadaval is the administrative seat of the homonymous district ( concelho ) in the District of Lisbon. June 30, 2011 had the circle 14,238 inhabitants in an area of 174.9 km ².

The neighboring districts are (clockwise starting from the north ): Caldas da Rainha, Rio Maior, Azambuja, Alenquer, Torres Vedras, Lourinhã and Bombarral.

The following municipalities ( Freguesias ) are in the county Cadaval:

  • Cercal
  • Figueiros
  • Lamas
  • Painho
  • Peral
  • Pêro Moniz
  • Vermelha
  • Vilar


Local holiday

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Bernardo Gorjão Henriques (1786-1854), liberal politician, Foreign Minister
  • Júlio Fogaça (1907-1980), politician of the Portuguese Communist party, because of his rejection of violence and his homosexuality temporarily excluded party member
  • Armando Jorge ( b. 1938 ), dancer and choreographer
  • Manuela Moura Guedes ( born 1955 ), a television journalist, formerly a singer and later briefly politician of the conservative party Partido Popular CDS

The parents of the character defining Fadosängers Alfredo Marceneiro (1891-1982) came from Cadaval.