Cagiva is a motorcycle brand from Italy, founded in 1978 by the brothers Gianfranco and Claudio Castiglioni, after the family had taken over the factory in Varese Aermacchi Harley- Davidson. The name of the company was formed as an acronym from the name of the Father of Castiglioni brothers and the company headquarters, Giovanni Castiglioni Varese.


Cagiva presented initially built by Aermacchi small two- stroke motorcycles forth on. Later they also worked on in-house developments with their own design, came the engine technology from Ducati. In 1985, the company Ducati adopted by the government VM Group, which had fallen into a crisis economically and as a motorcycle manufacturer only played a minor role. Ducati was originally intended to serve merely as an engine supplier, but later benefited both companies of that association. Sales of motorcycles of both companies rose from 8,000 units in 1980 to about 50,000 units in 1985.

The first joint projects were in 1984 the Cagiva Elefant 650 and Cagiva Alazzurra 650, each with Ducati engines. While the Alazzurra a street machine was still on the trail of Aermacchi, was the elephant, later also with other sizes and Displacement in further developments to 1995 were as big enduro there to be quite out with the claim in the area. Highlights in racing are when the elephant 900 Lucky Explorer could multiply celebrate success in the Rally Paris -Dakar in the early 1990s. But on the track Cagiva was not unsuccessful. 1995 Cagiva adopted after all, after they reached the third place in the year of the Moto GP.

In 1987, the motorcycle division of the Swedish motor manufacturer Husqvarna her new home in the Castiglioni in Varese, underlining the ambitions of Cagiva in enduro sport to succeed. 1986 also the Moto Morini brand was taken over by the Castiglioni order to cover the market of Chopper and Tourer. Without success, the production of Moto Morini 1991 has been set and the brand disappeared from the market. The rights to the brand name was in 1999 sold to Franco Morini Motori the company which resumed production. 1992 Cagiva bought the naming rights to the MV Agusta motorcycle division was discontinued shortly before. The brand should be the end of the 90s have a big comeback.

End of the 90s came Cagiva in economic difficulties, the Ducati brand had to be delivered. Thus, there were problems with the motor supply and it had to be found alternatives that were found in a collaboration with Suzuki. The MV Agusta Holding, which holds next Cagiva, the MV Agusta brand, since the end of 2004, only to 37.25 % owned by Castiglioni family, continues to 57.75 % for the Asian car manufacturer Proton. 2 % is owned by Massimo Tamburini ( also involved in Bimota ) and 3 % of the Husqvarna Group, which is now one of Electrolux. The corresponding capital increase of 70 million euros to ensure the future of the Cagiva brand.

In March 2006, an acquisition of a majority stake in MV Agusta Motor SpA was performed. The share capital increased to 15 million. The investment company GEVI SpA of Genoa has acquired the share package of the majority stake in MV Agusta Motor SpA from the Malay group proton. The agreement to this effect was signed in Varese on 1 March 2006 and led among other things to a supply of new funding in the amount of 15 million euro and thus to an increase of the share capital of the Company at 72 million euros. With this shift, the GEVI now holds 65 % of the total share capital. Thanks to this - with the support of banks allowed - transaction, the Group MV Agusta now has potential for further development for the company, which in 2005 recorded a growth of income in the amount of about 20 %.

In January 2007, after just over one year, the Malaysian carmaker Proton passed back from the motorcycle scene and gives his share of the Italian tradition MV Agusta brand to the Italian GEVI SpA for one euro from. Proton acquired in late 2003 for around 70 million euros 57.75 per cent to MV with the other brands Husqvarna, and Cagiva, however, was even gone heavily in the course of 2004 in the crisis: Because Malaysia opened to foreign car manufacturers, the market share fell the semi-public company there to only 30 percent. This had a change of management to complete sequence; the new bosses changed the strategy and presented as the first European subsidiaries of proton in question, which MV Agusta is one. The GEVI will take over the debts of MV Agusta in the amount of 106.94 million euros. Furthermore, the buyer will bear the required working capital of 32.5 million euros, so proton in a statement.

In 2007, BMW subsidiary Husqvarna Motorcycles. Group taken with the brands MV Agusta and Cagiva Harley- Davidson - 2008 MV Agusta was. Claudio Castiglioni bought the company in the summer of 2010 already the second time 's a symbolic euro back after the US- American manufacturer Harley -Davidson found itself in financial difficulties.

Castiglioni died on 17 August 2011 at the age of 64 years to cancer, the leadership of MV Agusta - he had transferred at this time already to his son Giovanni group.

Current Models

  • Mito 125
  • Raptor 125
  • Raptor 650 i.e.

Previous models

Athletes / Naked / Cruiser

  • SST 125
  • SST 250
  • SST 350
  • Alazzurra 350 (1985)
  • Alazzurra 400 (1986)
  • Alazzurra 650 (1985-1986)
  • Freccia C9
  • Freccia C10
  • Freccia C12
  • N1 / Planet 125
  • S2 / Aletta Oro 125
  • Roadster 125
  • Roadster 200
  • Raptor 125
  • Blues 125
  • River 500
  • River 600
  • Raptor 650 (2001-2007)
  • Raptor 1000 (2000-2005)
  • V Raptor 650 (2001-2004)
  • V Raptor 1000 (2000-2004)
  • Xtra Raptor 1000 (2004-2005)

Enduro / Cross / Tourer

  • Ala Rossa 350
  • SXT 125
  • Super City 125
  • Tamanaco 125
  • Navigator 1000
  • Elefantino 125 (1983-1986)
  • Elephant 350 (1985-1988)
  • Elephant 400 (1985-1988)
  • Elephant 650 (1985-1988)
  • Elephant 750 (1987-1990)
  • Elephant 900 i.e. Lucky Explorer (1990-1991)
  • Elephant 900 i.e. GT (1991-1992)
  • Elephant 900 a.c. (1993-1996)
  • Elephant 750 a.c. (1994-1996)
  • Canyon 500
  • Canyon 600
  • Gran Canyon 900
  • 125 W8
  • W12 350
  • W16 600
  • T4 350
  • T4 500E
  • WMX 125
  • WMX 250
  • WMX 200 ATV

Design studies

  • Mito 500
  • Raptor X3

Mini Moke

Cagiva bought in 1990 by the MG Rover Group, the production rights for the Mini Moke to make him into Portugal from 1990 to 1993. The machines were brought to Bologna ( Italy ); planned was there in 1995 to resume production, but this never happened.