Calasiao, Pangasinan

Calasiao is a town in the Philippine province of Pangasinan.


1592 the small settlement of Calasiao with the neighboring settlements (eg Nalsian, Gabon, Dinalaoan ) were combined to form the Municipality of Calasiao.

Augustinians and Dominicans evangelized the natives, which then usually converted to the Roman Catholic faith. In 1596 the convent of San Pablo de Calasiao was built in Calasiao, which today is still in the city center.

Today, the population of the municipality is growing rapidly, which may soon lead to a city appointment.

Culture and Language

The majority of the population speaks both the Pangasinan language and Tagalog. Next also Ilokano and some English are spoken.


Calasiao is divided into the following 24 barangays:

  • Ambonao
  • Ambuetel
  • Banaoang
  • Bued
  • Buenlag
  • Cabilocaan
  • Dinalaoan
  • Doyong
  • Gabon
  • Lasip
  • Longos
  • Lumbang
  • Macabito
  • Malabago
  • Mancup
  • Nagsaing
  • Nalsian
  • Poblacion East
  • Poblacion West
  • Quesban
  • San Miguel
  • San Vicente
  • Songkoy
  • Talibaew