Calbuco (volcano)

Calbuco Volcano on Lake Llanquihue

The Calbuco is a 2003 m high, active stratovolcano in the small southern Chile in the region of Los Lagos. His spurs extend to the southern shore of Lake Llanquihue and at the northwest end of Chapo Lake. The volcano is part of the Llanquihue nature reserve.

Volcanic activity

The Calbuco has erupted nine times since 1837. The last eruption took place in 1972. One of the strongest eruptions in southern Chile took place from 1893 to 1894. The last major outbreak of Calbuco occurred in 1961. This ash clouds were thrown up to a height of 12-15 km. On August 26, 1972, was a smaller, four, hour-long eruption.