Calcium magnesium acetate


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Calcium magnesium acetate ( CaxMgy ( CH3COO ) 2 ( x y)) is an alternative salt.

Production and representation

The calcium magnesium acetate used as a scattering agent shows a staggering ratio of Ca: Mg, as in the dolomite used as a raw material, between about 1:1 and 3:7. The dolomite is heated to high temperatures ( " burned " ) to expel the carbonates as carbon dioxide. Thereafter, the resulting oxide is reacted with acetic acid. The detour via the burning is necessary because even native dolomite of much stronger acids is only very slowly attacked (eg hydrochloric acid).



Contrary to sodium chloride calcium magnesium acetate harms neither bridges and trees. But above all, the negatively charged acetate ions are responsible to replace the aggressive chloride. In addition, calcium and magnesium serve as nutrients for plants.


Calcium magnesium acetate is ten to twenty times as expensive as regular road salt from sodium chloride and thus not competitive about. Furthermore, it does not affect melting, but merely facilitates the hindrance of caking the mechanical removal of snow.