Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate

  • Calcium -2 -(2- octadecanoyloxypropanoyloxy ) propanoate
  • Calcium bis (2 - (1- carboxylatoethoxy ) - 1-methyl -2- oxoethyl ) distearate
  • E 482

White to pale yellow solid

Little in hot water

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Calcium stearoyl -2 -lactylate is the calcium salt of Stearoylmilchsäure; Stearoylmilchsäure is a double ester of stearic acid with two lactic acid units and is referred to as lactate.


The substance does not occur naturally. He is in several steps by chemical reactions of stearic acid, lactic acid and polylactic acid ( Stearoylmilchsäure ) made ​​with calcium compounds. Maybe animal fatty acids are used (milk and polylactic acid ).


Calcium stearoyl -2 -lactylate is an emulsifier and stabilizer. It is used in the food industry mainly used as a flour treatment agent and for stabilization in dairy products. In interaction

  • Gluten, it serves to improve the baking properties of flour,
  • With strength remains its ability to bind water for longer, so pastries longer "fresh" remains, and eventually it makes
  • With milk proteins for better foaming.

In foods, the unstable substance breaks down into its component parts. It is considered harmless.

It is in the EU as a food additive (E 482 ) for certain foods (including desserts, liqueurs, various baked goods ) authorized with maximum quantity limits of between three and eight grams per kilogram.