Calden is a municipality in the district of Kassel, North Hesse ( Germany ).

She is known mainly through the airport Kassel- Calden, which was opened to the regional airport in April 2013 after the expansion, and the Wilhelmsthal Castle.

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The community Calden is located northwest of downtown Kassel with her lying on the Long and Staufenberg plate nucleus 12 km ( straight line ). The main village is crossed by the Calde, whose water flows northeastward over the Suderbach in the forge. Among the rivers of the municipality include the forge inflow Virgin stream by the southern Castle Wilhelm Thal and the fog Beeke, approximately northward flowing through the western districts Ehrsten, Meimbressen and Westuffeln and opens into the running through the district Obermeiser heat.

The highest point of the village is 430 meters above sea level. NHN, the summit of the south-west to Prince forest post - Berg, a northern spur of the hawk forests mountains belonging and some located outside of the municipality Hohe Dörnberg ( 578.7 m), and the lowest north of Obermeiser to about 170 m at the outflow of heat from the municipality. The main village is situated at about 230 (at the Calde ) to 285 m (on the Wilhelmsthaler height ) height. Approximately 10 to 15 kilometers east to north-east is the " legendary " Reinhardswald.

Neighboring communities

Calden borders in the north on the town Liebenau, on the east by the city Grebestein, in the southeast on the community Espenau, in the southeast of the city Vellmar, in the south on the community Ahnatal, on the west by the city Zierenberg, and on the northwest by the municipality of Breuna (all in the district of Kassel).

Community structure

The community Calden divided into these six districts:

  • Calden
  • Ehrsten
  • Fürstenwald
  • Meimbressen
  • Obermeiser
  • Westuffeln


In the area between the villages of Calden and Ehrsten significant archaeological finds from the Neolithic period have been made. In Calden houses the gallery grave Calden I and II from the 2nd millennium BC, as well as the Caldener earthwork and numerous grave sites.

As the oldest district Ehrsten is first mentioned in the year 817.


On 31 December 1970, the hitherto independent neighboring community Meimbressen was incorporated. On 1 February 1971, added Westuffeln. Fürstenwald followed on 1 April 1972. The series of incorporations was completed with the inclusion of Ehrsten and Obermeiser on 1 August 1972.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


The municipality maintains Calden since May 22, 1992 partnerships with Ráckeve in Hungary.


Other attractions in the community Calden include ( in alphabetical order ):

  • Caldener Tiergarten (formerly fenced hunting area )
  • Gallery grave Calden I ( stone grave )
  • Habicht forests Bergland (including with near High Dörnberg )
  • Cobbles, natural monument in the district Fürstenwald
  • Wilhelmsthal Palace, Rococo palace in a beautiful landscape garden
  • Stone box of Calden ( stone grave )

Transport links

The community Calden can be reached in particular via the federal highway 7, the coming leader and the airport Kassel- Calden continues from Kassel in the south east over Vellmar and among other things, the main village passing the north-west location Warburg.

Through the district Fürstenwald leads the section Zierenberg Fürstenwald -Weimar the railway line Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar.


  • 1895: Otto von Bismarck ( 1815-1898 ), Chancellor