California King Bed

May 13, 2011

California King Bed is a song originating from Barbadian R & B singer Rihanna. The song was released as the fourth single from her fifth studio album Loud.


Rihanna left her fans via Twitter decide the fourth single. The choice was between Man Down, Fading, California King Bed and Cheers ( Drink to That). The song is part of their campaign Nivea Nivea 100 years.

Live performances

The first live performance of California King Bed found together with the country singer Jennifer Nettles at the Academy of Country Music Awards will be held on April 3, 2011. Rihanna sang the song on 14 April 2011 at the 11th season of American Idol. As of May 5, 2011, she sang the song as part of their Nivea campaign in Milan (Italy ), Paris (France ) and Hamburg ( Germany ). She also sang the song on 27 May 2011 at NBC 's Today Show, along with her ​​singles Only Girl ( In the World), What's My Name? and S & M. Rihanna sings the song on her Loud tour.

Music Video

The music video of California King Bed was already shot on March 16, 2011 by Anthony Mandler in Los Angeles in the United States. It was sent for the first time on 9 May 2011 on Rihanna's official website and on her VEVO channel. It was shot in a luxurious beach house and begins with a scene of Rihanna in the grass. Followed by scenes in which she and her partner are in bed and hugging each other tightly. They sit on different sides of a large bed, and in other scenes Rihanna sings through curtains and drapes. In this video, Rihanna returned to nature as in their video for their previous single "Only Girl ( In the World) ", which was also directed by Mandler.

Commercial success

Before California King Bed was officially released as a single, it debuted in Australia and New Zealand only through download sales. In Australia, the song rose on 11 April 2011 at number 61 on the charts and later reached 4th place in New Zealand, the song debuted on April 18 at No. 18 and reached its previous peak position of 4th place In the UK, the song debuted at # 54 and peaked in the week of May 22, 2011 36th place and later its top position 8th place in Austria California King Bed debuted at # 36, and later rose to 8th place in Switzerland, the song debuted at number 28 and rose later ranked 13th in the United States, it debuted at # 80, and debuted at # 53 in Germany, the song immediately rose in the week of July 4th 2011 in the top 10 singles chart at number 9 and went two weeks later on 8th place

Chart positions