California State Assembly

The California State Assembly is the lower house of the California State Legislature, the legislature of the U.S. state of California.

The chamber of parliament is made up of 80 members, representing an electoral district in each case. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 420,000 inhabitants. The assembly is in proportion to their population, the smallest legislature in the United States. At a Member, the largest population turns out there relatively to any House of Commons, only the U.S. House of Representatives has a higher aspect ratio. Since a referendum in 1990 the term of office of the members of the assembly is limited and that on three two -year terms (six years).

The meeting room of the assembly is located together with the State Senate in the California State Capitol in Sacramento capital.

Structure of the chamber

Chairman of the Assembly is the Speaker of the Assembly. He is initially elected by the majority faction of the chamber before the confirmation by the whole Parliament follows. The Speaker is also responsible for the course of legislation and monitors the shutdowns in the various committees. Current Speaker is since 2010 the Democrat John Pérez.

Other important office holders are the Majority Leader ( Majority Leader ) and the leader of the opposition (minority leader), who are elected by the respective fractions. Majority leader of the Democrats is Charles Calderon, as Minority leader of the Republican Connie Conway acts.

Assembly chamber

The greens of the chamber based on the British House of Commons. The podium is located along a wall, which is like an "E" shaped, with a central platform. Along the parapet a portrait of Abraham Lincoln appears with a quote in Latin: legislatorum est justas leges condere ( " It is the job of the legislature just to pass laws "). Almost every decorative element is identical to the Senate chamber.

Composition after the election in 2012

Eligibility for election

Each member of the assembly must be a citizen of the United States and since then the nomination papers are published, be a registered voter in a constituency. It may also have served no three terms in the State Assembly since 6 November 1990. According to the article IV, paragraph 2 ( c ) of the California Constitution, the candidate must be lived for at least one year in a Legislativbezirk, and three years in California have been resident, even though the legal opinion from the California Secretary of State 's office says that these provisions a invasion of the United States Constitution.