Dome stands for:

  • A section of a sphere or other body, see spherical cap
  • The semi- dome-shaped Wolbung an apse, see Apsiskalotte
  • A design for a speaker, see dome speakers
  • A driven sheet metal mold, see Kalottierung
  • A shaped piece at the end of manifolds and boilers, see torispherical
  • A construction of a vault, the shallow dome, cupola see
  • The bony covering of the brain, the skull roof, see Skull
  • The north of Scandinavia, see Nordkalotte
  • The representation of an atom in a molecule model, see space-filling
  • The upper third of the tunnel excavation, tunneling, see
  • The canopy while paragliding
  • The round crown hat that is worn by the clergy, the Soli Deo or Pileolus
  • A student's cap, see calotte

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