Calvenzano is a municipality in the Province of Bergamo in the Italian region Lombardy with 4122 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012).


Calvenzano located 25 km south of the provincial capital of Bergamo and 35 km east of the capital, Milan.

The neighboring municipalities are Arzago d' Adda, Caravaggio, Casirate d' Adda, Misano di Gera d' Adda, Treviglio and Vailate (CR).


One of the geschichtsrächtigsten building the village is the castle. This was built in the 11th century. Although she is almost completely destroyed, and only a little can be seen of the past splendor, but is a tower very well preserved.

In the region there are many religious buildings: the most important is undoubtedly the parish church, dedicated to San Pietro and San Paolo. This dates back to the eighteenth century and was expanded in the twentieth century. It contains paintings by local artists such as Bernardino Galliari and Paolo Gallinoni.

The other churches are the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin with frescoes dating from the fifteenth century, the oratory of the dead, arose because of the plague in the seventeenth century. Furthermore, there is in the church, the church of Santa Maria dei Campi.