Cambridge Bay

Cambridge Bay ( Nunavut ) is a facility located in the southern part of the Arctic Victoria Island at the Dease Strait ( Northwest Passage ) settlements with over 1,500 inhabitants (of which about 80 % Inuit ) and regional center of the Kitikmeot region. Your Inuktitut name is characterizing Iqaluktutiak, " good place for fishing ."


It was named the bay by an expeditionary command of the Hudson 's Bay Company, in 1839 charted the north coast of the Canadian mainland. It was named after Adolphus Frederick, 1st Duke of Cambridge, who was until 1837 the deputy of the British king in the Kingdom of Hanover.


For centuries the area was around the present Cambridge Bay summer meeting place for families "Copper Eskimos ", named after copper tools, which they made from natural deposits of this metal to Victoria Iceland.

1927 established the Hudson 's Bay Company trading post here, after first Canadian police had set up a post in the year. Until the 1950s, only a few Inuit lived around the bay. That changed, however, as here, 1947, a lighthouse was built in 1955 and a DEW Line station ( "Distant Early Warning Line " early warning system) recorded their service. The status of " Hamlet " (municipality ) received the settlement on April 1, 1984.


In addition to English is Innuinaqtun, an Inuktitut dialect spoken, to whose letters typically Roman letters and not the usual for Inuktitut syllabary are used.


In the immediate vicinity of the settlement, the wreck of the " Maud " is. The Norwegian Roald Amundsen took this ship 1918-1925 two research trips. Adopted in 1926 by the Hudson's Bay Company, it was then used as a supply ship until it sank in the bay at Cambridge Bay in 1930.

On the shore of the same bay there are also ruins of a stone church Oblate Fathers established here in 1954 at the original settlement location and tasks after installation of the settlement. The previously known as a landmark and tourist attraction abandoned church fell on 27 April 2006 an arson victim.


Cambridge Bay is an ideal starting point for nature observation. With the van can be the near and far reach relatively well on gravel roads, such as the 290 meters above sea level. inst towering ridge of Mount Pelly ( Uvajuq ) in Ovajok - Territorial Park. A special attraction is the local wildlife, which was primarily musk oxen and many ground-breeding birds belong.

Cambridge Bay is run from time to time of cruise ships on their course through the Northwest Passage.


Scheduled flight ( First Air ) is the 960 km distant Yellowknife as well as Gjoa Haven, Kugaaruk, Kugluktuk and Taloyoak.

The village has a health center and a range of school facilities ( Elementary School, High School and Arctic College).