Cambridge (Minnesota)

Isanti County


Cambridge is a city in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It is the administrative seat of Isanti County. With about 7,000 inhabitants ( 2006 estimate ) and a simply structured infrastructure is Cambridge a typical American small town.


Cambridge lies about 70 kilometers to the north of the metropolitan area of ​​the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and the cities of Saint Paul. According to the United States Census Bureau, the area of ​​the city is 16.2 square miles, of which 0.2 square miles of water.


Cambridge was founded in 1866. Was named the city of settlers from New England. Influence on the further development also had many Swedish immigrants who settled in the area. From 1890 to 1900, the population grew from 258 to 737 inhabitants. At the beginning of the 20th century, various industries such as a potato starch factory and a flour mill in Cambridge settled. By the end of the century, the population grew to over 5,000., By 2015 growth is forecast to almost 12,000 residents.



According to the census in 2000 living in Cambridge 5520 people in 2237 households and 1353 families. The racial sits down the population composed of 97 percent white population, and smaller minorities.

In 32.1 % of the 2237 households children live below the age of 18, 44.5 % live in married couples, 12.8 % live in single women and 39.5 % are non family households. 35.1 % of all households were made up of individuals and 19.5% had someone living alone over 65 years. The average household size is 2.29 persons, the families at 2.95.

In relation to the entire city, the population is composed of 24.9 % under the age of 18, 8.7 % from 18 to 24, 25.6% between 25 and 44 years, 17.8% between 45 and 64 years and 23.1% over 65 years. The median is 38 years. Approximately 56.6 % of the population is female.

The median income for a household is $ 35,313, a family of $ 53,381. The per capita income is $ 20,697. Approximately 10.5 % of the population and 5.8 % of families are below the poverty line.


By Cambridge lead in north-south direction, the Minnesota State Route 65 as well as in East-West direction, the State Route 95 Approximately 18 kilometers east of Interstate 35 runs

To the west of the city of Cambridge Municipal Airport is located. Furthermore, is a railway line of the BNSF Railway by Cambridge.


Technically education Cambridge has achieved a high school, a middle school and a Elementeryschool.

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