Cambron Abbey

Daughter monasteries

Monastery Boudelo ( 1215)

Monastery Cambron ( Camberona ) is a former Cistercian abbey and in Belgium. It is in Cambron- Casteau in the municipality in the province of Hainaut Brugelette on the River Blanche, a tributary of the Dender ( Dendre ), about 9 km south-east of Ath.


The monastery was founded in 1148, donated by Anselme de Trazegines, a canon of Soignies. The establishment shall be carried out by Bernard of Clairvaux. It was thus probably a daughter house of Clairvaux Abbey Primary and one of the wealthiest monasteries in Hainaut. The monastery Cambron was placed under the monastery Boudelo after its connection to the Cistercian Order. At the end of the 14th century the abbey Cambron had 70 monks. In the 18th century it was rebuilt after destruction. The resolution was carried out in 1789, probably under Joseph II, was by the war events but only effective in 1797. The monastery was then sold to the Count of Val de Beaulieu, in whose ownership it remained until 1993, when it was sold to the current owners of the park Paradisio. 1982 was declared a National Monument.

Plant and buildings

Receive the tower of the abbey church in 1774, a monumental staircase from 1776, the medieval monastery wall completely preserved and a cellar from the 13th century, under the former Konversenbau to the extent of 12 x 18 m with twelve ogival vaults, and the convent gate from 1722 and the convent with a carriage house from the 18th century. The site was first, now used as a bird park as the zoo. Remnants of the old abbey church are kept in the Castle of Attre. In Bermeries at Bavay in France, a grange of Cambron is obtained. More cloisters are still in Diksmuide, Rosière, Thiennes, Horrues, Wodecq, Rebais, Lombise and Stoppeldijk.