Camdeboo Local Municipality

Camdeboo is a municipality in the district of Cacadu, Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. Covering an area of ​​7230 km ² live 44 362 inhabitants ( 2001). The administrative center is Graaff -Reinet.

The Camdeboo Municipality name is derived from a phonetically similar Khoikhoi word for " green valley ". The area was described by Hendrik Swellengrebel 1776: " a triangular piece of land bounded on the north by a rock wall on the south by rocky, tree -covered hill on the other side is Aberdeen and the tip of the triangle at Bruintjieshoogte ".

Cities / Towns

  • Aberdeen
  • Graaff -Reinet
  • Kroonvale
  • Lotus Ville
  • New Bethesda
  • Thembalesizwe
  • Tjoksville
  • UMasizakhe