The Cammeraygal are a tribe of Aborigines who lived in Sydney, Australia in North Sydney Council.

The Cammeraygals, which are among the Aboriginal Eora lived northwest of the port of Berry Iceland, Kirribilli, Cammeray, Neutral Bay and Middle Harbour, while others claim that they were located in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. When the British fleet landed in 1788 in Sydney, expelled and murdered numerous Cammeraygals. In 1860, the habitat of the Cammeraygal was limited to a reserve. The North Coast Sydney was the first place the conquest of the British and also the way the trodden the British colonizers in Australia and the aborigines.

Today tombs and rock paintings are reminiscent of the culture and life of these aborigines. The name " Cammeraygal " has been included in the coat of arms of North Sydney Council as writing. The Aborigine Bennelong, who traveled first to Europe and the agent of the British and Eoras was descended from the people of the Cammeraygal.

Pictures of Cammeraygal