Campaign (role-playing games)

The campaign of a game, especially an RPG, is typically broken down into several sections or scenes plotline, with the help of which a story is told. She makes a development of the characters and about the presentation of their rise and fall possible and provides a framework for the course.

Role Play

In role-playing game ( pen & paper role-playing game and LARP ) campaign is a group of individual stories ( pen & paper role-playing game: adventure, LARP: single events) with associated actions. Sometimes this control on a common goal, often a final story with a special highlight. In most cases, the sequence of the associated stories of such campaigns is applied linearly, but do not have this be, and especially in the LARP does not even exist a context of action, as already partly individual events that relate to the same game world, within the scene even as campaign are referred.

Computer Games

Under a campaign is meant for computer games an event sequence that developed the storyline and tells the story. Campaigns that are only playable as a single player are often referred to as a solo campaign. Those suitable for multiplayer games, are listed as co-op campaign. Often such campaigns run fairly straight forward and primarily consisting of lined up one behind the other missions, quests or levels, which are linked by intermediate sequences depending on the game to support the action. In real-time strategy games are often more contiguous missions into separate campaigns combined. This allows the player to the action from different perspectives, respectively, the view of the appropriate fractions (eg, "good" and "evil" ) to play through.


The following computer games use the term campaign (English ) or campaign, and included an editor to create new, separate campaigns:

  • StarCraft (I to II)
  • Neverwinter Nights (I to II)
  • Neverwinter