Camping World Truck Series

The Camping World Truck Series is organized by the NASCAR racing series that are disputed with converted pickups that are geared to the design of the vehicles of the Sprint Cup. The reigning champion from 2009 is Ron Hornaday Jr.


The history of the Camping World Truck Series started with a few off-road racers anfertigten one based on the NASCAR cars prototype of a pickup truck. The project was first presented during the Daytona 500 in 1994. This mixture of Truck, Pickup and race cars of the Sprint Cup, proved in other test races during the regular season to be extremely popular, and so founded the NASCAR 1995, initially known as Super Truck Series American racing series, which only a year on their current received names. The first well-known racing teams that participated were, among others, Richard Childress Racing, Hendrick Motorsports and Roush Racing.

Two major differences from the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series are that they differ for a number of points of the regulations and that the length of the race usually refers to only about 125 miles, which is only just over 200 kilometers, whereas a NASCAR Sprint Cup race a length of up to 500 miles (for example, Daytona 500) can have.

Television transmission

The first race of the series were broadcast in the U.S. by ESPN, TNN, WTBS, ABC, and CBS. 2001 secured then the American sports channel ESPN ( which has since been bought out by ABC) American exclusive rights to broadcast. This then got 2003 Speed ​​Channel, which transmits every race even today ( with the exception of those two that aired this season on Fox ). Since 2001, the website reports on each race result of the series and thus supplies from qualifying to the final race results all relevant race information.

Technical details

  • Displacement: 5.8 liters ( 358 in ³) V8 engine with central camshaft and valve control OHV ( pushrod )
  • Translation: 4-speed - Manual
  • Weight: without driver: 1455 kg ( 3,200 pounds )
  • With driver: 1545 kg ( 3,400 pounds )

Manufacturer 1995 - today

  • Ford F -150: 1995 -present

Camping World Truck Series Champions

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Rookie -of-the -Year- Award - winner ( Best Newcomer )

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