CAN in Automation

CAN in Automation ( CiA) is the international users ' and manufacturers' group, which has the distribution and standardization of CAN ( Controller Area Network) prescribed. The association under German law ( eV ) today (2013 ) about 570 members all over the world, mainly companies. The standardization takes place in collaboration with staff from the member companies in interest groups ( IG).

There is an interest group for the higher protocol CAN Application Layer ( CAL IG; inactive for many years ) and the higher protocol CANopen ( IG CANopen).

Within an interest group there are again different sub- groups that represent specific interests. These special interest groups ( special interest groups, SIG ) focus on the one side with the standardization of equipment, such as Ein-/Ausgabe-Geräte, electric drives. On the other hand, the standardization takes place at the application level, eg lift technology, railway technology, medical technology.

The club members actively support the development of improved CAN protocol (also known as CAN FD known). Allows higher data rates in a part of the message. In addition, the data field was increased (from a maximum of 8 bytes with CAN 2.0 to up to 64 bytes of CAN FD). CiA has submitted the CAN -FD protocol for standardization at ISO.

The club participates in all international standardization activities ( ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC), which deal with CAN. Furthermore, the association publishes since 1992 the CAN newsletter, which also exists as an online portal since March 2012.

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