Canadair was a Canadian aircraft manufacturer based in Montreal. The company was temporarily owned by the state and is since 1986 part of Bombardier Aerospace.


Canadair was founded on 11 November 1944, the Canadian government and took over the production of Canadian Vickers in Saint -Laurent near Montreal. First PBY Canso flying boats were built for the Canadian Air Force. From 1946 came also improved Douglas DC -4 models. Canadair DC -4M " North Star" with Rolls- Royce Merlin engines In addition, the company secured rights to the Douglas DC-3/C-47.

1946 acquired a majority stake in Electric Boat Canadair. Both companies joined together in 1952 to General Dynamics ( GD). In 1954, Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation and DG Canadair converted into a subsidiary.

1976 Canadair was nationalized by the Canadian government. In 1986 it was sold to Bombardier. The company became the core of Bombardier Aerospace.

Since this acquisition, the company produces business jets, regional jets like the RJ and CRJ. Meanwhile, the Canadair mark was abandoned, all new developments are sold under the name Bombardier.


Canadair has achieved a number of pioneering achievements. On the CL - 44D, based on the Bristol Britannia, the rear fuselage could be completely folded away for the first time, to facilitate loading. The CL -89 and CL -289 were the first entered service in reconnaissance drones. The CL -84 was a whiz ( VTOL) with bottom hung windows, and the CL -215 was the first to fight fires.

Canadair was also active in other business areas. The subsidiary " Canarch " designed and produced facade systems, but also control stations for towers of the U.S. air traffic control FAA. In addition, we designed chains and air -cushion vehicles, from which, only a few were built.