Canadian Standards Association

CSA Group is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the safety, welfare and sustainability is dedicated to.


CSA was founded in 1919 and so for almost 100 years. The knowledge and experience of CSA Group include the development of standards, training and consulting services and global product testing and certification in all major areas of business. These include products in hazardous, industrial, sanitary and medical applications, security and technology, and gas-fired appliances, alternative energy, lighting, automotive, railway and aerospace.

CSA Group is divided into these six global business units:

  • Hazloc and industry
  • Appliances & Gas
  • Consumer Products
  • Medicine, security and technology
  • Installation and Construction
  • Alternative Energy and Sustainability

With the CSA Group Europe GmbH is the European headquarters in Frankfurt aM This is followed affiliates are the CSA Group Bayern GmbH in Strasskirchen, CSA Group Italy, CSA Group Switzerland, CSA Group Netherlands in Arnhem, SIRA in Chester / UK, MiT in the UK.

The services of the CSA include the verification of conformity to standards and guidelines as well as EMC testing, Radio approvals for over 140 countries and environmental simulations.


CSA Group was founded in 1919 originally as the Canadian Engineering Standards Association (CESA ). In 1944, she was officially to better reflect the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) service portfolio. Separate departments were established in the following years, which focused on specific business areas. Later came the product testing and certification (1999), Consumer Assessment (2004 ), standards development and the related services (2009) added.

Since 2012, all divisions are combined under the umbrella brand of CSA Group. The uniform logo and slogan reflect the position of the CSA Group as a certification organization in global markets. With over 1,650 employees in 14 countries, the CSA Group has offices around the world.

Standards development

CSA develops and maintains more than 3,000 standards and regulations in terms of safety, design or performance. The legislation and regulations of most municipalities, provinces or states in North America require that certain products must be tested in accordance with a certain standard by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. CSA Group is also part of the so-called Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories ( NRTL ) and can assist manufacturers in testing and certification of their products.

Organizations such as SCC ( Standards Council of Canada), ANSI (American National Standards Institute ) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration ), the CSA Group accredited as an official testing and certification institute and accepted. In addition, the CSA Group applies for IECEE (IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components) as a national certification body in the CB method.

According to their own statements is the registered and accredited CSA mark [ ... ] the visible and credible testimony that products meet the relevant safety standards .... It recognizes the world already billion products and can only by a licensed or by the CSA Group issued otherwise entitled to do so.