Canal 24 Horas

Canal 24 Horas is part of the Spanish public television Televisión Española (TVE ), which also operates several niche channels in addition to the known public broadcasters La 1 and La 2 that are broadcast as well as Canal 24 Horas via cable or satellite. In contrast to the division, TV Canal 24 Horas, however, broadcast unencrypted and can be received so that in the whole of Europe. In Germany it is also fed by some cable operators in the digital cable network.

The terrain of TVE is located in Madrid on a large arterial road. From a distance you can already the mighty Tower, the Torrespaña recognize, by which the gray production bunker located in a closed off campus. Canal 24 Horas is housed in the same building as the public and very popular channel TVE La Primera.

Canal 24 Horas broadcasts around the clock international and national news and reports without advertising in Spanish. Unlike many commercial TV stations that station is far from without advertising. Depending on the time of day the program is reinforced at European or American audience. This is evident for example in the selection of the range for the weather or stock market news. The broadcast program is composed mainly of productions, in addition also of material from other providers. In addition, productions are made on behalf of other channels.