Canisius College

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The Canisius College in Buffalo, New York United States of America is a Jesuit school. It was founded by German Jesuits, and was the heart of German Catholic life. Even before the First World War the College was transferred from the responsibility of the German Jesuit Province in the American.

School philosophy

The Canisius College lives and teaches in the tradition of the Jesuit Order, it is aimed to promote the holistic person and bring together the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical life of the individual. For this purpose, it uses the classic Catholic development and methods, and aims to train people to spiritual and intellectual leaders ( motto: "Where leaders are made" ). As part of this tradition teaches according to the recommendations and according to the rules of St. Peter Canisius, whose principles based on the freedom of conscience and respect for the person.


The Canisius College Founded in 1870, private is one of the 28 U.S. American Jesuit universities and is located in the western part of the state of New York. In the published rankings of U.S. News & World Report, it is one of the best overall universities in the northern region and is in the U.S. list the 367 square. The university offers more than 70 areas of study quality and features, for example through a College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Economics, a school of human sciences and education. The Canisius College maintains national and international connections with colleges and universities around the world, including the Berlin School of Economics School of Economics, the University of Dortmund and is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.


In 2007 3468 students were enrolled and the college employs 1389 employees. The campus extends over an area of 58 morning and spread over 37 buildings.

Study offers

In addition to institutions already mentioned, the college offers courses for biology, chemistry and education, in these courses, the college reported a high percentage of graduate degrees.


The sports facilities at the college applies to male and female students, and includes, for example, baseball, hockey, golf, volleyball, synchronized swimming and softball, there are a total of 17 sports activities, particularly successful is the basketball team and the hockey team.

Training center for reserve officers

The Canisius College hosts a training center for reserve officers ( battalion strength ) for the District of West New York. This Reserve Officer Training Center ( ROTC ) recruited from several universities in the State of New York. Students can register as a volunteer and get alongside their studies and briefings and training on military affairs. His appointment as cadets they have the opportunity to enter into the regular armed forces.

Famous people


  • Cory Conacher, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Darren Fenn, American basketball player
  • Michael Meeks, Canadian basketball player