Cannon (TV series)

Cannon is an American television series, created by the in the years 1971-1976 a total of 123 episodes of 45 minutes each. The series was preceded by a 90-minute pilot.


The only main character is overweight private detective Frank Cannon, played by William Conrad, who specializes in criminal cases. His investigation, which he always carried out in isolation, can the former policeman pay well: he lives in a spacious apartment in Los Angeles and drives a Lincoln. The series Barnaby Jones was started in 1973 as a spin-off, it came in the course often cross-over appearances.

Broadcast notes

In Germany, the ARD showed from 1973 to 1977 only 45 episodes of the series. Almost all the remaining episodes ran from 1988 to 1990 on Sat.1. The 90-minute pilot movie The stab in the hornet's nest was first broadcast by ZDF on 28 April 1990. The first complete broadcast of Cannon on German television in 1993 to 1995 VOX. The German dubbing voice of William Conrad are Günter Strack (45 ARD episodes) and Michael Chevalier in the series as well as Helmut Krauss in the pilot.


" Whether it's to dine with one of his clients or to convict a murderer, Cannon makes a good figure and proves that its rounded shapes intelligence and acumen not stand in the way. "