Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

Cannondale is an American bike, motocross bike and quad - producer. The company is based in Bethel ( Connecticut ), the production facilities of the company were located in Bedford (Pennsylvania). 2010 Cannondale shifted the bulk of the production to Taichung, Taiwan. The company is named after the station Cannondale Metro - North Railroad, which is located near the company's headquarters.


The company was founded in 1971 by Joe Montgomery as a manufacturer of bicycle trailers. Today Cannondale manufactures a variety of hand-made bicycles for different requirements. The company is a pioneer in the development of aluminum frames. Throughout the company's history numerous inventions were patented. Cannondale attaches great importance to official sellers of their products and was often in the past strictly against gray imports ago. After a bankruptcy in 2003, the company of the Dinli Industrial Company Ltd. , A Taiwanese manufacturer quad was bought, the bike factory of the company Pegasus, a group of investors from the United States. Except for a few models, the company Cannondale are the original owner a lifetime warranty on material and manufacturing defects for their frame.

Early 2008, bought the Canadian conglomerate Dorel the Cannondale brand and combines them with other brands such as GT Bicycles, Schwinn and Mongoose under the direction of Cycling Sports Group.

In May 2010 Cannondale co-founded the Robert Bosch GmbH, a development partnership for e-bikes. The Stuttgart-based electronics giant Bosch is supplying a newly developed high-efficiency propulsion, consisting of electric motor, controller, gearbox, sensors, Battery Pack, and a control computer. The engine develops at rated operation 250 W, the peak power is 350 W. When driving programs, the following settings are available: Eco ( maximum range ), Tour ( default), Sport ( dynamic driving ), speed ( maximum support ). The lithium-ion battery pack can store 288 Wh at 2.3 kg and be fully charged in 2.5 hours again.

Frame building

Cannondale is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of aluminum frame. This technology is to be found today in many racing bikes from Cannondale. CAAD stands for " Cannondale Advanced Aluminum Design " and has been continually developed since the early 80s. While as the frame material until a few years ( apart from a few exceptions) only aluminum was used, will now also been increasingly carbon as a material. This is mainly found in the higher settled models, where in terms of weight reduction greater development steps are to be achieved with this material, as in the use of aluminum. The carbon frames are used in the Super Six models. The top model of the Super Six Evo Ultimate 2012 was dubbed by the press as the best racing in the world. It is driven Cannondale, among other things by the Italian racing team Liquigas. Like nearly all manufacturers in the industry, can also produce the Cannondale with great effort and mostly only hand to be manufactured frames and components made ​​of carbon and meanwhile the framework of aluminum in Asia. Due to this fact, the label is past " Hand Made in USA".

To complete bicycles Cannondalerahmen also often find components with the lettering CODA, which is the house brand of components. Another technology of Cannondale 's SAVE (Synapse Active Vibration Elimination ) is thus in the frame by a special form of the tube vibration reduced to a minimum.


Cannondale is a sponsor of various cycling teams.

Cannondale's sponsorship of professional cycling teams began with the Saeco team in the late 1990s, which among other things Mario Cipollini won with four stages in the Tour de France 1999. Saeco team the Giro d' Italia three times, in 1997 with Ivan Gotti, Gilberto Simoni in 2003, 2004, Damiano Cunego.2005 ended the collaboration between Cannondale and Saeco. Also it was outfitter of the former Team Barloworld, a European Professional Continental team.

Since 2007, Cannondale equips the Italian ProTeam Liquigas in 2011 and was also first second and first since 2012 title sponsor of the team. The end of 2013 Cannondale took majority ownership in the operating company of the team, which is now called Cannondale. The team could, inter alia, win the 2007 Giro d'Italia with Danilo Di Luca and the Giro d' Italia 2010, Ivan Basso.

In mountain biking area, Cannondale sponsors the Cannondale Vredestein (formerly Volvo / Cannondale ) team, the Bear Naked / Cannondale team (formerly SoBe / Cannondale ). Many famous riders were sponsored during her career from Cannondale, including the world champions Anne -Caroline Chausson and Missy Giove, the Olympic silver medalist Alison Sydor, Bronze medalist Christoph Sauser, Cadel Evans, Kashi Leuchs.

In addition, Cannondale 2005 sponsored the Ironman world champion Faris Al -Sultan, Dejan Patrčević, Croatian triathlon champion and three-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington.

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